Austin Fast Start

The Austin Fast Start is a partnership between the City of Austin’s Economic Development Department and the Austin Young Chamber.

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Millennials are the Largest Generation in the U.S. Labor Workforce.
At the Austin Young Chamber, we are focused on developing a young professional workforce into the dynamic business and community leaders we need, today and in the future.

To connect and develop young professionals to create business, community, and personal success.

Core Principles
Leadership • Inclusivity • Opportunity • Growth • Community

Statement on Diversity
Our work centers around a commitment to inclusion across race, gender, experience, ability, and identity. We will focus our efforts towards ensuring that the future of Central Texas includes a diverse workforce of young professionals at all levels of business and community. We believe that such diversity makes us stronger as a collective and fuels innovation and prosperity for all.

Who are Our Members?
Members of the Austin Young Chamber are generally between the ages of 21 and 40. We welcome Corporate members who employ a young professional workforce as well as individual young professionals looking to grow professionally.